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Development of
web and mobile applications


We're a team of experts specialized in the development of web and mobile applications. We can manage your project from conception to deployment and also handle evolutions and hosting.

Our skills

Bootstrap, Foundation, Compass...

Ruby and Rails

AngularJS, Backbone, jQuery...

GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMap...


We always use the most recent web standards (HTML5 / CSS3) to build simpler and faster websites on modern browsers.

We are aware of any evolutions of those standards and contribute frequently to open-source projects.

Of course, many people use older browsers and we make sure to keep your site compatible.

Nowadays, people use their smartphones or tablets to surf the internet. All our sites runs perfectly on those devices, by adapting the layout to device dimensions (responsive design).

We've been using the Ruby on Rails framework since the first version was released in 2006.

In 11 years, we learned to perfectly control this powerful web framework. We're familiar with their most popular extensions (gems) and know how to optimize our code to make faster websites.

We carefully follow the evolution of the framework. We even can train your development team or help you to recruit new developers.

We also use the Ruby language without Rails to write scripts or daemons.


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We created this service to solve a problem that seems simple: Geographic visualization of a large number of data.

The service demonstrates our expertise in developing complete web application with server API written in Ruby and client API written in framework agnostic Javascript.

Many clients already use it like BBC, IBM or 20 minutes newspaper.


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